Pitsford Scout Troop at Walesby World Experience International Camp

The camp was massive with hundreds of tents and a map helped us to find where we had to go.  I particularly enjoyed the zip wire, driving mini tanks, throwing tomahawks and the laser tag game. In the evening we were entertained by singers, a disco and fair ground rides such as a bucking bronco and dodgems. We had a day trip to Light Water Valley Theme Park, where we went on the longest roller coaster in Europe, apparently it was 1 ½ miles long and  it was very exciting.
At camp we met a man who talked to us about how children in  Uganda had to drink dirty water, we  bought wrist bands from him with the money going to provide clean water for the children.  Thank you to all the Leaders for taking us.

Written by two of our Scouts
28th July – 5th August 2018

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