Outspan School

Pitsford Scouts are proud to support Outspan School in Uganda

Outspan School was founded in 1995 by Dismas Otoori and Tom Ngobi, Ugandan Scout Leaders, and named in honour of Baden-Powell. The school is located in Bwaise, a shanty town on the edge of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. Nearly five hundred children are being educated here and not one of them is funded by the state. Many of the children have no one to pay their fees.

Northamptonshire Scouts formed a link with the school in the same year and have continued to find funds for pupils as well as other purposes. Five Northamptonshire schools have also made links and more than a dozen supporters have visited Outspan. Funding has been given for the supply of clean water, for building projects and for computers and text books. Dismas has twice been able to visit the UK.

In 2010 a new building was completed for the school's nursery which has its own classrooms and play space. The nursery has 6 staff teaching 105 pupils and there are 25 staff teaching 362 primary pupils. More new classrooms are needed.

In the same year a new secondary school, Outspan College, was founded near Kayunga, about 70 miles north of Kampala. It has developed with new buildings which were partly funded by benefactors' donations. The examination syllabus now goes up to 'O'Level and beyond. The College is always in need of further help, especially to install its own water supply. It now has 181 pupils and 16 staff.

The Pitsford Scout Group have made a number of trips to Outspan and you can see some pictures from a recent trip below.