Pitsford Scouts go to Brownsea Island with Spratton and Findon Scouts

We all started the adventure of going to Brownsea Island on Tuesday 30/8 with the loading up of most of the luggage on and in to a discovery in the poring  rain.

We then set off on 1/8 on the the first leg of the journey by coach to sandbanks for the ferry to the island.

We had the task of loading the ferry with everything we needed for a 4 day camp including all the food and kit and ourselves to start the journey on to Brownsea Island.

Once we docked we unloaded it into a trailer for all the kit to be taken to our campsite at the far side of the island ( about a 35 minute walk).

After setting up camp we the had tea before the scouts went off on a night hike round the island finishing up watching a fireworks   following day the scouts did some challenges based on the first camp that was on the Island , as well as some community work .

The following day the scouts again did some different challenges based on the first camp which included building shelters , which were then checked to see how water proof they had made them with water being thrown over the shelters with the scouts inside who made that shelter, one group got extremely wet. We then went onto the beach where one half did canoeing and kayaking and the other half spent time on the beach .

We followed this with a wide game in the evening with all leaders and scouts having fun.

The following day was a sad day as we had to  break camp ready for our return journey home.

All scouts and leaders had a fabulous time mixing as one group and were all well behaviour and enjoying all the activities on offer.

Also we had some of the local wildlife in  Camp most days with it being peacocks and babies, ducks and babies, Sika Deer and red squirrel. It made the camp so much more with the animals all just wondering around.


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