Scout camp at Wells-next-the-Sea

12 scouts and 4 leaders all set off for a camp at wells-next – the-sea on 10th August for a 3 night camp.

We had loads in store to do.

After we arrived on the Thursday and set up camp we headed off in to town to do some crabbing followed by fish and chips for tea.Most scouts had a fun time with nearly all catching crabs.

On the Friday we meet up with Georgina and Tony and went on a boat trip to see seals out basking at Blakey point. After a lovely morning on the boat we said our goodbyes to Georgina and Tony and headed back to camp for lunch, before heading into Sherringham for the afternoon, spending time in the sea and on the beach, before heading to Tesco for the scouts to bye there food for backwards cooking for tea.

On the Saturday after making lunch, we all headed off on a hike, heading to  Holkham beach via Holkham hall and grounds. Spending time on the beach before hiking back along the coastal path to wells-next-the-sea foe a short time on the beach again before catching the small train back to the harbour for a bit of crabbing again.

On the Sunday it was time to pack up and leave after have I got a lovely few days . On our way home we stopped of at Ferry Meadows near Peterborough for lunch and ice- creams .before heading back home to Pitsford.

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